Open call for visual artists


We are using an old story, not to reiterate the past, but rather to present it in a new and unexpected way. With this film, we want to make our voice heard not only as artists but as active citizens, and share how we are experiencing cinema. For that, WHISTLE is not just a film, it's an art project!

The world is changing fast and what we thought we could take for granted is just no longer true. The same applies in cinema. We believe we must find new ways of communicating with and engage our audience and we are actually doing it with this project.

The way we do it is by working independently, away from any established form of funding, and directly addressing each audience member asking to support us in any way she or he can.

Collaborating with artists from all over the world, and working with them in all stages of production.
Moving away from the usual path of distribution and bringing WHISTLE project to open art exhibitions, as part of a transmedia experience. An entire thematic section under the same roof, that begins with cinema and expands to many other art forms. 

We call upon any visual artist, illustrator, painter, graphic designer, cartoonist, 3D artist, animator, tattoo artist, sculptor, video artist, performer, photographer, filmmaker that will be willing to create visual content for WHISTLE project.

We are looking for anyone that has a passion for imagery and would like to work on a cinematic art project outside the boundaries of the current or established film order.

And that's because we do not think of the movie as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. This is the way we feel cinema should work.
All artists will have a chance to present their work in a broad audience across the world via our social media platforms, international screenings in various film festivals and art exhibitions around Greece.

So how it works?
All you have to do is send us an email at stating that you are interested in participating. Don't forget to state your art form.
We will provide you with details and post production material for more inspiration. Plus you will have the chance to meet with the director and have an online chat about his vision.
It's an open project. The story and characters are the source of inspiration. You can create any drawing, concept art, illustration, collage, photograph, video art, sculpture, experimental film, painting, 3D art, cartoon etc. Using any style, material or technique. There is no limitation in the number of works each artist can submit.

Where will my artwork be showcased?
  • In the online community of WHISTLE project official website social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
  • In various online art magazines through articles and presentations.
  • In film festivals around the world, via WHISTLE documentary.
  • In the WHISTLE project transmedia art exhibitions featuring all artworks, held in art venues in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece. 

What's in for me?
  • ·     You get full access to our creative team
  • ·     Open collaboration and total creative freedom on a peculiar project
  • ·     Meeting new fellow artists
  • ·     The joy of presenting your work to a wide audience 
  • ·     Your name on the film's credits as a creative collaborator and graphic designer
  • ·    The joy of supporting a new way of making cinema, telling a story and visual arts as a whole