Evi Amnioti: transcendance of the real

It's impressive how a single story can inspire such diversity through different mediums! Visual artists from around the world are taking part in WHISTLE project, in an attempt to present a transmedia experience never attempted before in the Greek movie scene. And that's because we do not think of a film as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. This is the way we feel cinema should work.

In this article, artist Evi Amnioti shares with us, thoughts and impressions spawned by her participation in the creative process of WHISTLE and the works she has created for this purpose.

She writes...
"In the context of my participation in WHISTLE film, I would like to refer to the original script and the noir way it is delivered, the two parameters that have inspired me."

"First of all, I really liked the fact that everything starts in midnight. We usually perceive time cyclically, not linearly, and our lives obey a never-ending "tic-tac". But from "tic" to "tac" intense time-switching events can occur. Such event is the "midnight" term. A term which symbolizes  all those moments that shake someone's life interrupting the circularity of time by imposing a tragic, unknown, turn of things."

"This idea gave birth to two of my works, The Pendulum, Vol 1 , oil painting on canvas and The Pendulum, Vol 2, ink on paper."

 The pendulum, Vol 1 (right), The pendulum, Vol 2 (left)

My next project, inspired by the film, is called "The Demon", oil painting on canvas. It is the demon that we can all carry inside of us. A demon-protagonist, an enemy of anything divine, virtuous or good that exists in our soul. We all had him released at some point, when talking in anger to a friend, lover or family, we said: "I'm not going to talk to you again."

The Demon

All the works created by Eve, inspired by the story of the film, will be available to the public during the transmedia presentation of the film.

Evi Amnioti lives and works in Veria, Greece. She studied Mathematics and holds a postgraduate diploma in Internet Science and Cryptography. Along with numbers, acts and the class of Mathematics she deals with painting and hagiography, experimenting with colors, materials and ink, on wood and canvases, transforming feelings into pictures. She has participated in group exhibitions of artists in Greece and abroad and has been involved with the illustration of a children's book. A sample of her works is also included in a corresponding book in the Municipal Library of Veria. She is married and mother of two.

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