WHISTLE: the project

WHISTLE project is the collective effort initiated by a group of artists, from Greece, who believe in free artistic expressionAn expression that is manifested through visual art of any form. 

And that's because we do not think of visual art as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. This is the way we feel visual art should work.

In this spirit, artists from all over the world are asked to joined their creative forces, in an attempt to tell a single story, using different artistic styles and cultural perspectives. The result, a transmedia art exhibition that brakes the rules of  traditional visual storytelling, promotes synergy among individual artists, on an international level and invites audiances to be part of the story and shape its ending! 

Below are some of the artists supporting the idea behind WHISTLE project, so far . You can read each interview by clicking the profile photo. Many more coming soon!

Visual artists involved (to date):

Viktor Melistas (Illustrator, Greece)
Georgia Aeraki (Painter, Greece)
Zuzanna Kledzik (Illustrator, Poland)
Konstantinos Xanthis (Sculptor, Greece)
Shreya Suraj (Painter, India)
Esra Açar (Visual Artist, Turkey)
Eleni Kesisoglou (Video Art, Greece)
Mikhail Markin (Sculptor, Ukraine)
Maria Bilbili Amanda (Painter, Greece)
Allie Beer (Painter, USA)
Evi Amnioti (Painter, Greece)
Yordan Stanev (Video Art, Bulgaria)
Giorgos Tsougkouzidis (Sculptor, Greece)
Anna Maria Kasprzak (Painter, Spain)
Lesli Bell (Painter, Australia)
Lauralee Sikorski (Visual Artist, USA)
Catherine Vitebsky (Sculptor, UK)
Radosveta Zhelyazkova (Visual Artist, Bulgaria)
Anita Wexler (Illustrator, USA)
Shokofeh Ghafari (Painter, Iran)
Dorrine Nasri (Visual Artist, Tunisia)
Makiko Tamori (Visual Artist, Japan)
Evan Lawrence (Illustrator, Indonesia)
Lita Poliakova (Illustrator, Germany)
Catherine Vitebsky (Sculptor, UK)
Helle Rask Crawford (Sculptor, Denmark)
Jennifer Wester (Visual Artist, USA)
Ala Leresteux (Visual Artist, Lithuania)
Ali Poswal (Painter, Pakistan)
Jana Danilovic (Street Artist, Serbia)
Julija Rukanskaite (Visual Artist, Lithouania)
Corina Papafragkou (Graphic Design, Greece)
Lita Poliakova (Visual Artist, Russia)
Marievi Mastoraki (Painting, Greece)
Mikhail Tatarnikov (Visual Artist, Netherlands)
Unaiza Ismail (Video Art, Pakistan)