WHISTLE's scent of woman

Women are a mystery. They have no fixed patterns of behavior and change everything around them wherever they appear. Maybe it's because of the magic they use without knowing it ...

In WHISTLE the role of the woman was catalytic at all stages of the productive and creative process. With special characteristics and unique personalities, each of these SUPER HERO women, became a defender of the idea behind WHISTLE and did everything in they power to successfully complete the project. It could not have been done the same way without them. We all loved them for that. Thank you ladies!

SOFIA FILIPPIDOU: No need for introductions here. A female actor who, for the past forty years, has proved to audiences all over Greece what a creative woman can achieve! With "wisdom" not only in the meaning of her name but also in her words, she embraced WHISTLE working group with her substantive advice.

MOMO VLACHOU: Dynamic, talented, a super mom with love for tattoo art! She is an active member of National Theater for many years, with passion and love for it. Her presence during the official filming was worm, solid and consistent. The way she "writes" on the lens makes us want to see her again in future films!

ΕGLI KATSIKI: She doesn't believe in superstitions and doesn't watch thrillers. She is the main character in the film. Does this make any sense? It did for us, a lot. She is also a theatre actress coming from National Theatre. She acts, dances, sings and did all the stunts of the movie herself! No doubles. A woman, a mom and truly a rising actress with a future in both cinema and theatre.

SOTIRIA IOANNIDOU: Writer of fantasy novels, folklorist, great storyteller, screenwriter, dancer, in her case the list of talents goes on and on! A multi-layered personality with a character of many colors and shades that gave the principal idea behind WHISTLE. She enjoys night walks in the city just like the film's protagonist.

STELLINA VOGIATZI: She loves cats like a vegan loves pork chops! This, of course, does not stop her from getting into a character with absolute concentration. Especially when her character has nothing to do with her real personality or age. Organized, relaxed with a love for the film's cinematic references.

CHRISI BAXTSEVANI: She never watches thriller movies alone. She believes in the "evil eye" so when she has a headache, she goes to her mom for some old good traditional greek "ftou-ftou"! A female actor, with a strong personality and a positive attitude to things. A feature that contributes greatly to an awesome collaboration. National Theatre graduate too, with great love for the performing arts. Her role in the film is also very different than her true nature as a person.

PAVLINA PAPADOPOULOU: The youngest of them all. Actors that is. During filming she was still an undergraduate in acting. Also, a woman with talent, patience and persistence. She tied perfectly with the rest of the team, to her first "serious" part in a motion picture.

ERATO ARAMPATZI: Organizational, responsible, focused, creative with ideas that reinforce the common idea behind WHISTLE, with fluent speech and concise views. A woman multi-tool, a Swiss Army knife! She really excelled in the position of assistant costume and set designer!

MARIA DOUMPA: Always smiling with a positive aura. With experience in filmmaking, she contributed significantly to the aesthetics of the film. Due to the film's aesthetics and genre, the characters required "special" treatment. No problem for Maria!

ATHENA MAVRIDOU: With supernatural experiences on her back, Athena makes sure she always takes precautions! So when she read the story she immediately wanted to participate. With great skills with the comb and the scissors, she delivered every character's look with great detail and success. Relaxed, discreet and consistent.

ALIKI DIMA: The magic sound woman! The tireless sapper who seeks to dig out the perfect sound, like another Indiana Jones! Strict with her job, she will not accept any funny noises from the crew when recording. Are you shooting a film outdoors and there is a storm blowing? No problem, Aliki will give you the sound you want without a trace of interference! Her presence in the technical part of the film was catalytic, proving vividly the dynamic of the female contribution.

MARIANA BLACHAVA: The logistics of the film. Steady, low profile, with a focused mindset, worked successfully on organizing the production during the filming days as well as on communication later on. A woman with a positive attitude to everything, despite the difficulties of the project. She worked as a counterweight to situations that seemed impossible. The quiet power ...

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